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It is an option of tourism and adventure in the Brazilian Northeast, its main attraction is in the air. The city is considered the best place to practice Free Flight in the world, due to the large amount of thermals in the region. For other adventurers, the huge stones that surround the city provide great options for rappelling, climbing and trails. The word Quixadá in Tupi-Guarani means "curved tip stone" or "stone cural". It is located in the central region of Ceará and is also the scene of several radical sports practices, which brings together climbers, abseiling, tree climbing, free flying, motocross, mountain biking, orienteering, off road, among many others.
The city also stands out for the UFO sightings, with some internationally famous cases.


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Quixadá Aventura

It is a team of professionals of various adventure sports who give technical assistance to the activities carried out. Activities like, climbing, trails, camping, free flight, among others.
The specialty of Quixadá Aventura is free flight as it is the most potential activity in the region in which it attracts hundreds of visitors every year.


Some pilots who have already flown with us:

Luk Fly
Previously presented


Brazilian pilot intermediary

Brazilian pilot intermediary

We were listed in the cross country magazine in the month of November 2016.
This magazine is one of the most important and credible media in the world free flight.

Eurismar Júnior

Founder Quixadá Aventura

Pilot native of Quixadá, currently has level 3 of the Brazilian Free Flying Paragliding Confederation and is a delta wing student. He is the pilot with the most flight record on the Quixadá ramp in the last 5 years and is among the top 10 cross country riders in the state of Ceará (according to registration and award of the Ceará Cross Country League), being 3rd in the overall sport classification of competition in 2016 and having broken the quixadaense record of cross country, with a flight of 325km (a little more than seven hours of flight).

Eurismar has a degree in Business Administration and saw the need to organize and publicize the free flight of Quixadá, because for many years the image of the place was of eminent danger. With his development in the sport he saw that there is possibility of flight for all levels, since he respects some local peculiarities and this is possible with a good assistance.

Eurismar created the Quixadá Aventura in 2015 and the differentiated and personal form of assistance, generated a great growth in the following season.

Quixadá Aventura is today one of the great supporters of the sport in the city of Quixadá and in the state of Ceará in which it sponsors all competitions. His spread of the sport through the facebook page and youtube channel has already reached more than 1 million people worldwide.

In 2018, towin flights started in Rio Grande do Norte, for pilots who want to take off with more wind and more safety.

Luk Fly
Pilot of EN-B that surpassed its record in Quixadá

Josef Edlinger
World record holder in wing B low

Alexander Robé
World record XC 2015

Koen Vancampenhoudt
Advanced pilot, flights greater than 300km

Veso Ovcharov and Kevin Philipp
They are among the best in the world in acrobatic flight
In Quixadá they both flew the 400km race and Kevin managed to win the 2016 xc

Veso Ovcharov
Previously presented
Flight Instructor in Minas Gerais

Adan and friends
Poland team that broke the national record flying in Quixadá.

Founder of the Ceará Cross Country League
Pergentino Júnior
Advanced xc native pilot.

Robert Haider

Test pilot of a large European company

Florentin Coppey and friends

Everyone has overcome their distances

Pilot of EN-B that surpassed its record in Quixadá

Falko Felix
Double flight world record

Silvio Zugarine(5th from left to right)

Experienced pilot with flights over 300 km

Carlos Bonifacio

Advanced pilot, flights greater than 300km

Odilon Jr and flight student

CBVL Dual Flight Instructor

Ondrej Prochazka

This is among the best in the world in acrobatic flight.
Flying cross has exceeded 300km

Quixadá City

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