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Hang gliding tandem flight booking


THE  Hang gliding  it's a kind of  aircraft  composed of tubes  aluminum, which provide its structural rigidity, and a  candle  made of fabrics, which functions as a surface that undergoes forces  aerodynamics, providing the hang glider's support in the  air. The origin of this name, Asa-Delta, was given by the similarity of the  Greek letter delta, which is shaped like a  triangle, like the shape of the wing of this aircraft.


About the tandem flight.

This is the first contact we can have with a hang glider. It's the easiest, fastest and safest way to make the dream of flying come true. For this, you do not need to have any previous experience with free flight.

In the take-off area, the instructor will give you basic notions of how to proceed, both on take-off and during the flight. They are very simple and easy instructions and simulations, basically being the 5-step take-off speed.

In the same equipment, you will be connected to the instructor and to a hang glider twice the size of a normal hang glider, manufactured and homologated for this type of flight.

After takeoff it is possible to interact with the flight, communication  is perfect, and the instructor will show you in practice what it's like to fly free like the birds.

After that flight, you can go ahead and learn to fly alone, if you're interested. Our training system will make you able to fly in any region, safely and above all with great pleasure.


Flight duration.

The flight time basically depends on the weather conditions, our team is made up of very experienced pilots, who will certainly take advantage of the condition to  provide the best flight. Normally we work with a minimum time of 15 minutes, and an instructional flight can take up to 1 hour.



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