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Double Flight in Hang Gliding

Booking for a Hang Gliding Double Flight  at the Serra do Urucum Free Flight Ramp (Sanctuary) in Quixadá-Ce The tandem flight or instruction flight is the easiest way to make your dream of flying come true!

Technical specifications


Free Flight is an extreme sport in which it depends directly on nature and its climatic conditions to provide the flight, because of this, it will only be carried out if the conditions are totally favorable (Wind, clouds, equipment and passenger, to provide the maximum for both passenger and pilot. If the conditions are not favorable, the pilot will wait on the ramp for the ideal moment for takeoff. If the day remains unfavorable for the flight, the flight will be canceled. But rest assured within a 5-hour interval the probability of not flying is almost zero, as we are in the best region on the planet to perform this sport.

In Quixadá, takeoffs take place at Serra do Urucum (sanctuary), after the flight, the rescue team will pick up the pilot and passenger at the landing, to return to the ramp.
In case of cancellation  of the flight for external reasons, the customer can rebook the flight, or have a 50% refund.
In case of cancellation by the customer, he will receive 50% of the amount paid, the remainder is related to travel expenses, administration and fine.

The refund will be made within 30 days regardless of the reason.

ford  BRL 100.00

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