Empresa registrada conforme leis brasileiras

Empresa registrada no ministério do turismo brasileiro
Empresa com seguro de viagem 

CNPJ 30.110.393/0001-57

Company registered according to Brazilian laws
Company registered in the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism
Travel Insurance Company
CNPJ 30.110.393 / 0001-57

2019 por Quixadá Aventura ®™.


Included in
Transfer Airport / Hotel / Airport
Accommodation with breakfast
Transfer to take-off every day
Tracking via spot
Rate of ramp use
Take-off assistance
Day without flight - Closed ramp - Displacement to Canoa Quebrada beach (lift flight)
Technical information about the flight in Quixadá
Filming take-off and landing * Whenever possible

9 days in the 2019 Quixadá season - October, November, and December