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Damian Lestarpe, from Chile 5 (EN-B) flew 385.9km in Assú and leads the XC World Competition.

The leadership of the world championship was thanks to the sum of its 6 best flights in Sertão do Brasil, taking off in the city of Assú - RN. 385.9km - 350.66km - 300.32km - 292.60km - 286.85km - 279.33km were the highlighted marks in the competition that started on October 1st and runs until September 30th, 2022.

Damian Lestarpe is an experienced Argentinian pilot. This is his second year flying in the Sertão do Brasil in which he says he will always come back, as in addition to the excellent flight days that the place offers, he feels very good with the pilots who share the experience, the structure offered by Quixadá Aventura and the reception of the local population.

These are all your flights carried out in Assú, in this season of 2021. An average of 228.93km per flight.

Damian, competes in the SPORT category, which includes gliders with greater performance than his wing, such as the EN-C. The detail of this ranking is that flights are registered from all over the world, but all those among the first took off and Assu.

Damian photographed in flight by pilot Guilherme Brasil, the two made a partnership flight in which he was registered In this vídeo.

Want to fly in the Sertão in 2022, taking off with a trailer in Assu? Contact or see our packages here.

Do you want to read the logbook of this entire trip? Visit Damian's website Here

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