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CNPJ 30.110.393 / 0001-57

2019 por Quixadá Aventura ®™.


Cross country course for flights in Northeast Brazil.


Aim of this course is to present for pilots of all levels the reality of free flight in the cross country mode in northeastern Brazil.


We will present
Flight planning, analysis, flight style of Brazilians and foreigners, reading clouds, types of thermals, taking off from the mountain, taking off in tow, flying with strong wind, main risks in flight and landing, rescue team work, robbed, community, differences between international season and green season.

All content was drawn up based on the experience of dozens of pilots and rescues that were at Quixadá Aventura between 2015 and 2018. Some of them with more than 10 years experience in flights in the hinterland.
The stories and experiences have been cataloged and will be presented by the pilot Eurismar Jr.

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The course starts on March, 2019 and you will be informed via email.